Ready or Not!! 2014!!

Remember Hide and Seek as a child?  One…Two….skip a few….99…100!!  Ready or not, here I come? Yes, I know – childhood cheating at it’s finest.  There are times when we all cut corners.  I know I do.  I believe it’s called “taking the path of least resistance”.  Well, I’ve come […]

2010 – Spring has sprung…

With Spring 2010 now in full swing, and Luke safely home, it’s now time to turn the attention towards the monumental task of continuing the clean-up and trying to figure out just HOW to build a small farm from out of the remains of a once-active dairy operation.      […]

2010 – Base Camp Garden Surprises! 2

With the help of No. 2 son, James (yes, the same child that was brave enough to drag my enormous horse home for me…see James and the Giant Horse) and Ty Stevens (Pat’s summer vacationing son and PRO-weed puller)  we managed to pioneer out and construct some informal vegetable patches […]

Origins…Mohr’s 1944

Summerberry was once a bustling little town, once upon a time.   There’s still a sign on the highway that points to the town…but for the most part, there’s really nothing there.  The grain elevators are gone, as are the little churches.  A few of the original houses still stand, but […]

Shake It Up Baby! 1

I have decided that it is long past due that I get off my lazy *ss and get this site caught up and up to snuff. So, please bear with me whilst I embark on yet another exercise in frustration as I attempt to find a theme that I like, […]

Who shall take responsibility?

Food safety, food security – these are two terms that make the news on a regular basis.  As much as I seldom watch TV (other than the odd episode of Criminal Minds….Shemar Moore, of course!) I do know that the subject of food takes center stage at least once a […]

Rocky…A Love Story Part 2 2

And so…to continue this tale of the traveling, stolen, strange Hawaiian plant… As I was saying, Rocky was starting to look sick around Christmas time…so I panicked. Upon finding the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Hawaii, I promptly fired off an e-mail.  I didn’t really expect a reply, but figured […]

Rocky…A Love Story Part 1 3

In the summer of 1980 (early June-ish) I came home from school one day and as most teenagers do, paid absolutely no attention to my immediate surroundings other than a quest for food and a television set. My Grandmother lived with us at the time. Come supper time, it finally […]

A Frightening Reality 2

During my morning ritual to absorb as much caffeine as humanly possible before 9:00 AM, I happened across a little Facebook post that scared the livin’ hell out of me. As a wanna-be small farm operator, THIS article is highly applicable to what I want to achieve in this world.  […]

2010 – James and Giant Horse

I have to say, that without a doubt, Spring is my favorite season.  New things popping up in the grass, the buds on the trees, the earth has slept and is now waking up to her full and wondrous cycles of new life and new growth. To my little Hippie […]