2010 – Spring has sprung…

With Spring 2010 now in full swing, and Luke safely home, it’s now time to turn the attention towards the monumental task of continuing the clean-up and trying to figure out just HOW to build a small farm from out of the remains of a once-active dairy operation.


2010-Orchard Puddle   2010-Lake Summerberry

There really is only SO much you can do when your entire world is water logged.  Our first official run-off season and all I could really think of was that we were about to end up the subject of a Kevin Costner movie.

As it turns out – with the exception of the over-flowing dugouts – the worst of the water has worked its way along the run off paths in a little more than a week.

Not too bad really.  There are still a few low spots here and there and retain a good amount of water, but in the end, it’s nothing you can’t handle with some $20 rubber boots and a little ambition.

This years primary concern would be to purchase and plant cherry trees.  To bring you up to speed on this item I’ve posted on these already – the purchase of my 298 certified organic cherry trees and the subsequent LACK of production.

Between having to find a day job, planting, mowing, more mowing and weed whacking the warm season was really beginning to take it’s toll.

There just seems to be too much on the plate, and no forks to distribute it.  So, what I’m likely going to do is skip over 2010, 2011 and really jettison things into the present.  I’ve found that I get too tangled up in other things and tend to procrastinate the point of ridiculous.

My next post will gloss over a whole lot of ups and downs, but it will being us into the next phase of actually getting on with it!!





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