A Frightening Reality 2

During my morning ritual to absorb as much caffeine as humanly possible before 9:00 AM, I happened across a little Facebook post that scared the livin’ hell out of me.

As a wanna-be small farm operator, THIS article is highly applicable to what I want to achieve in this world.  Please give it a read, show some support for the farmer in question (if you can) and post a comment or two…

Google search “Montana Jones” and you will find a TON of information on this topic…

Here’s a link to her funding plea…


I wish I had the money to help her out – as far as I’m concerned, CFIA has reached epidemic madness.  This nonsense MUST be stopped.



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2 thoughts on “A Frightening Reality

  • Tanya

    A petition of over 5000 names didnt make a dent in the CFIA’s decision ? Despite the sheep testing negative they slaughtered them all anyway? Many thousands of $’s to defend herself from tyranny? Scarey to know that this is the country I call home.

  • Tammy Post author

    Oh quite. I find it rather appalling that the bureaucrats are given this much power and are NOT held accountable for their actions in the aftermath.