Agriculture…It’s not for everyone…??

This is probably the STUPIDEST line I’ve ever written.  Bit of a catchy title though… Our local Ag Society held their Annual General Meeting this morning at the local library, and frankly I was quite surprised at how FEW people were actually there.  Considering the fact that we live smack […]

2009 – Winter Wonders…

Hearing about a Canadian winter, and actually living through one are two entirely different subjects.  For my friends that live in the warmer climates…I don’t ever want to hear you whine that you’re cold!  Ever. Now, over the course of fall, Alex and Dale moved out and got their own […]

2009 – Our first year winds down…

We managed to make a fair dent in the mess…sort of.  As with any “from scratch” operation, there are always surprises that surface.  The discovery of things in the grass that you didn’t see when the grasses were tall.  Tripping over assorted things that didn’t seem to be there before […]

2009 – Settling in, and getting on with it!

Here we are…a pair of middle aged dreamers, 40 acres, an assortment of children of varying ages and ZERO farming experience.  Where do we go from here… The re-nesting process took me roughly a month.  I detest moving in all it’s forms, and tend to procrastinate when it comes to […]

2009 – The Move to Sk…Part 2 1

Katie and I spent the next 24 hours scrubbing, cleaning, packing and loaded the last vestiges of our lives in Alberta.  Katie’s grad went off without a hitch, and she was beautiful!!  Our next challenge was to load our poor mini-van with the remaining items (small boxes, computer equipment and […]

2009 – The move to SK… 1

Now, in order to move anywhere, you actually have to have a place to move TO.  A local realtor, was kind enough to negotiate a great deal for us, and the issue of accommodation was suddenly under control.   Three bedrooms up, largely unfinished basement, nice sized yard – perfect move […]

2009 – The Walls Come A’tumblin’ Down…

Due to my Mother’s passing, and the inherent “dealing” with everything that goes on around these life events, the winter of 2008 and early 2009 are pretty much a write off. Pat and I spent very little time laying plans, or doing much of anything other than work.  The subject […]

The Commute Continues…

Now, since I more or less dropped the bomb on my Mother’s passing in the last post, I shall lighten this one considerably.  August of 2008 was likely the busiest of that entire year.  With all the coming and going between AB and the farm, we did manage to make […]

The commute…

OK, so we really didn’t put a whole LOT of thought into how we were supposed to manage this transition from trucker and office jock to farmers… Nor did we really sit down and plan anything out. We just knew it had to be… We DID know, that there was […]

In the beginning…

As most are aware, I have rather a tendency to put carts in front of horses.  It’s an irritating trait wherein one lets their enthusiasm run amok with their common sense (or lack thereof). So…here we go with a “here’s the whole story” sort of catching up mission.  With photos, […]