Why We’re Doing This

A close up from space

A close up from space

There are days I really wonder WHY we have chosen this particular path. I truly cannot explain the “why” of it.  My partner Pat and I can’t agree on the color of s**t most days.  We argue over every little detail…but in the end, it comes down to love.  I love the land…the smell of it, the feel of it, everything about it.

When I can express it adequately, I’ll add it to the blog.  How this all came about.  For the interim, I believe I have found purpose in this project.

It is HOME.

HOME seems to be a foreign concept to many people these days.  How many of us truly relate to the word HOME?  There are a million cliche lines that go along with the line…Home is…where you hang your hat, where your parents live, where your feet/heart takes you…Stone Home

Most humans these days don’t have a “home” in the classic sense.  People are highly mobile these days and the children of modern parents are generally brought up in townhouses, apartments, larger cities and are moved here and there for one reason or another.  There are great numbers of 21st century families that have never eaten a tomato right off the plant, taken in the scent of lavender in the early morning or even planted a few flowers.  I find this unbelievably sad.  Nature paints, everyday for us, pictures of infinite beauty.  So few people take time to notice this.

The human species is losing (and in many places HAS LOST) touch with its natural environment.  There are thousands of websites and organizations devoted to the protection and restoration of our planet.  To my mind, many of them have missed the point.

The point of THIS particular affair, is to prove to ourselves and our potential customers that it can be done.  That you can be a small, self sufficient operation and still make a buck or two doing it.

Being self reliant brings your daily living costs to almost nothing.  Yes, there are still expenses involved – animal feeds, off site processing of livestock, that sort of thing.  Being able to save on “silly” expenses is what makes all the difference.  Did you know that making 500 grams (about 2 cups) of mayonnaise takes less than five minutes and will cost about $1.00?  If you are selective about your ingredients and take the time to cultivate the skill, you will NEVER pay $3.99 for another jar of white stuff with suspect and sometimes lengthy ingredients list that has been trucked halfway across the country.

So, now that I’ve explained the WHY of it…Let’s move on to the HOW.

How to we plan to do this?  With no plan, almost no money?  I have no f*cking idea.  But, I do know – that Summerberry Organics is my life’s work.  It is like a painting that will never truly be completed.  It MUST be, and that’s all that matters.